DENIM DIARIES: Day 28 -Totem Friends

No one is a solitary traveler, and no one's path is ever independent from those of other's. If within a year you are lucky enough to enjoy the company and counsel of a Totem Friend, then life begins to feel closer to what it actually always is -- infinite.

Do you have a Totem Friend?

A Totem Friend is someone motivating and inspiring and strong. Totem Friends always appear without any asking - they'll offer a strange and powerful energy you are definitely missing. They offer guidance , good luck, and much-needed motivation.

If you've got a couple Totem Friends at the moment, congratulations!

But ready yourself. Totems are a sad and beautiful thing. Their endless loyalty is comforting but their eventual departure is always imminent.

The company of a Totem lasts only as long as their unique brand of help is needed. Once you've reached that resting stop -- they'll part from your side, usually to help another.

The past couple of days I have not been writing nearly as much, as I have been focused on finally making some things.

As a protest against forgetting my Totem Friends I have begun a series of hand-embroidered punch-needle designs.

I got closer to finishing one of my totems, and sketched out plans for some ponchos. Can't wait to put my spirit guides on the back of something warm and woolen.

Ever Forwards On Your Path!