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My name is Libby Huber, and I am a writer and blogger living in Minneapolis, MN.


My love of beauty led me to study interior design and retail merchandising at the University of Minnesota.  My love of words led me to my daily journaling practice and the start of this blog.  My passion for wellness and well-being means that in my free-time I am either reading, running; taking a long walk, or writing. Hoarder of denim blue jeans and yoga tights.

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Through my blog Western Daughter, I've been able to work with exemplary outdoor lifestyle brands such as Woolrich, Finisterre, Tanner Goods, and Winter Session. Now in it's fourth year, Western Daughter has a small but dedicated following of over 4,500 like-minded creatives who tune into my weekly content for a peak at emerging trends in retail, design, and art that possess a uniquely all-American flavor

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I love collaborating, and my ideal state is one in which I am constantly creating. Contact me for the following:

·       Social Media

·       copywriting

·       Prop & Photo Styling

·       Merchandising & Event Styling

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During my early twenties, I often wished that there was an instruction manual or a road map for how to best traverse both the loss of my father as well as the advent of adulthood. I don’t profess to be an expert, and there is much I am still learning, but I do think I have some lessons — some learned the hard way — for what to expect when the unexpected happens.  It is my hope that someday my lived experiences can help others in the form of the book I am currently writing.